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Junk Car Busters is committed to protecting your privacy and this Privacy Policy is intended to describe what personal information is gathered, processed and used, and we will make every effort to ensure that our activities keep with the spirit of this Policy and the Florida State Laws. Please note that by visiting and using the Junk Car Busters Website you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

What personal information do we collect?
Every computer connected to the Internet is provided with a domain name and an IP Address. When you visit our Web site and request a page from within the Web site, our Web Servers automatically identify and log the HTTP request that is made to our Web Server. This information reveals nothing personal about you, only IP Address and it's Location.

How is this Personal Information Used by Junk Car Busters (through our email Contact Forms)?
When you request a quote through our Email Contact Forms page, we ask for your name, phone number, email, year, make, model of vehicle and it's location (like City, Zip and Address) so that when our Salvage Team Specialists call you in return to provide you with an exact quote.. versus asking you all of your information by phone, WE VALUE YOUR TIME.

NO PAYMENTS ARE MADE ONLINE by our Company, if so, it is a scam! PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED with submitting any payment information coming from you. WE PAY YOU CASH FOR YOU JUNK CAR UPON REMOVAL.

Information collected on our Web site is used to schedule appointments ONLY.

To keep the information disclosed to us secure, Junk Car Busters has designed policies and rules to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure. The representatives who receive or have access to our customer's personal information are aware of their responsibility to protect this information and we provide them with appropriate guidelines for such responsibility.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Your personal information is important to us and we are not in the business of selling it to others. WE ARE A SOLID, LEGITIMATE BUSINESS & FULLY AWARE OF THE CONSEQUENCES IF ANY ILLEGAL/FRAUDE IS MADE. We worked too hard to get where we are and will keep thing LEGIT.


Here’s a list of the Information we MUST Collect:
(Requested by the FDMV)
- Signed Title and/or Registration. *Please make sure vehicle has no lien or loans by using the FDMV Free VIN Check and enter your VIN.
- A form of picture Identification with the Registered Owner’s full name. (FDMV Requires us to show that we purchased every vehicle from it's owner)
- Final: Your lovely autograph on each one of our forms to be filled out.. (Bill of Sale, Affidavit)

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